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The appearance and components of 3C electronic products, with skills of mold development, design, manufacturing and producing etc., producing integration stamping, sandblasting, silk, oxidation, plasma polishing, Electropolished (EP), and other processes to provide customers one-stop services in order to meet their requirements of more variety, less quantity as well as lower costs.

Please do contact us for our precision components, mobile phone metal cases producing as well as progressive stamping die design services. We will provide our best services with reasonable quotes.

  • ABICO AVY CO.,LTD (Taiwan)
  • Sales Dep. +886-4-25342600
  • DongGuan Cheng Guang Metal Products .(Dongguan)
  • Sales Dep. +86-76985926110
  • Avy Precision Metal Components (SuZhou)
  • Sales Dep. +86-512-65718899
  • JBON International Technology Co., Ltd.
  • address:306-44 No.3-1, Shenkengzi, Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County 306, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • TEL:+886-3-5878575
  • FAX:+886-3-5878595
  • E-mail:jbon@jbon.com.tw
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